DVB-T22 2X2 Two tuner antenna car DVB-T2 Diversity High Speed Russia Thailand


DVB-T22 2X2 Two tuner antenna

DVB-T22 2X2 Two tuner antenna car DVB-T2 Diversity High Speed Russia Thailand
DVB-T22 2X2 Two tuner antenna

  1. Support H.264/AVC, MPEG2~MPEG4 Video Decode
  2. Available to upgrade the firmware via USB slot
  3. USB Recorder, PVR,
  4. Standard for DVB-T2
  5. Auto searching and updating bit rate information
  6. Storage for 2000pcs channels
  7. Memory function after power off
  8. Support OSD TELETEXT
  9. Multi Language Support: English, Russian,Thailand
  10. EPG program guide and PIG(Picture in Graphics )Function
  11. 6MHz, 7MHz, 8MHz Band-wide
  12. HDMI output (One route)
  13. Audio-R, Audio-L output
  14. Support IR output and extended remote sensor receiver
  15. Google DVB-T22 to get perfect technology support and update software.
  16. DVB-T22 Car DVB-T2 Technical Parameters:


    1. Input frequency: VHF 177.5MHz – 226.5MHz UHF 474MHz – 858MHz
    2. Modulate: QPSK/16 – QAM/256-QAM
    3. Decode standard: MPEG4,MP@ML,MP@HL,H.264/AVC
    4. Audio decode standard: MPEG-1, and-2,layer and 2, MPEG-4, HE-AAC
    5. One way CVBS RCA output:

    Output Resistance: 75 ohm

    Output Voltage: 1.0`2.0mVp-p

    Audio output: 2Vp-p

    1. Power Supply: DC 12V~24V 6W
    2. Connecting Terminal:

    2 Active amplifier antenna input jack (5V supply), car power input jack (Battery+, Battery-) , R/L Audio CVBS Video output jack, External remote control IR cord jack, USB upgrade socket, HDMI High-definition output jack.

    1. Applicable Power Supply: Car storage battery (12V~ 24V)
    2. Outer dimension: 125mm x 85mm x 26mm
    3. Application Temperature: -5 ~40 degree
    4. Storage Temperature: -20~60 degree
    1. We are from Russia, This receiver does not get 3 channels from 13 of first multiplexes (Russia 1, Russia 24, Radio of Russia) , It seems that TV receiverdoes not support mode Multiple PLP).

    VCAN: If your have this problem, please download the new software to upgrade to solve this problem.



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