Worldwide Digital TV system Frequency

Worldwide Digital TV system Frequency for DVB-T2 DVB-T ISDB-T ATSC

Worldwide Digital TV system Frequency

DVB-T Europe: Spain France Poland Norway Ireland Portugal Saudi Arabia Turkey Iran Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Myanmar VietnamAustralia Panama
DVB-T2 ThailandIndiaIndonesiaRussiaSweden Finland UK Colombia Germany
DVB-T2 H.265 Germany Italy Czech Slovakia
ISDB-T South America: Brazil Peru Argentina Chile Venezuela Ecuador Paraguay Costa Rica Bolivia Nicaragua Uruguay Belize Honduras Guatemala
Asia: Japan Philippines Maldives Sri Lanka
Africa: Botswana
ATSC,ATSC.M/H Canada USA Mexico
DTMB China, Hong Kong

Users offer information

Country Frequency Channel Name Contributor
Austria DVB-T T2 8M (All TV channel is encrypted) Andreas Oelzant
Columbia 585Mhz (MPLP) Jorge Figueroa
Indonesia 290.5Mhz, 313.5Mhz, 320.5Mhz (7M) Freddy Suhartono
Maldives ISDB-T 8M
Lesotho DVB-T 538Mhz 570Mhz 8M
Philippines ISDB-T Frequency (6M) 503Mhz 521Mhz 533Mhz 545Mhz 551Mhz 569Mhz 581Mhz 581Mhz 587Mhz 599Mhz 611Mhz 617Mhz 629Mhz 641Mhz 647Mhz 653Mhz 677Mhz 683Mhz 695Mhz Macgerald Bugay
Slovenia 554Mhz, 778Mhz Neven Smrkinic
Sri Lanka ISDB-T 8M Haisham Ali

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